Our actions provide solutions

We encourage the use and training in Business Data Analytics for professionals and organizations that want to turn their data into valuable insights for decision making.

Our actions

In a world in permanent evolution where data analysis is more than ever necessary in the strategy of companies to deal with emerging risks, it is essential to have actions to anticipate the necessary developments. These actions can be translated as follows:

  • Conduct studies and R&D projects to improve approaches, methods, tools, organizations by sharing knowledge and pooling resources.
  • Provide quality insights and direction through the use of new technologies, such as Big-data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, to support important and complex decisions.
  • Make the industrial network aware of Data Analytics and Decision Analysis.
  • Promote events, meetings, training, education and career opportunities in the field of Data Analytics and Decision Analysis.
  • Foster continuing learning, good practices, collaboration, and networking within its membership and with other organizations.
  • Finally, the European Institute of Business Data Analytics and Decision Analysis will collaborate with the associations related to Data Analytics and Decision Analysis to implement the latest advances in this field of knowledge, thus ensuring long-term sustainable development of Data Analytics as the quintessential discipline to support important decisions.
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We help you find the path to success

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Organize your data

Get your data in order, and start using it to improve your business performance.


Discover valuable insights

Discover important information that data can reveal about your business.

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Have the best strategy

Use the data to make strategic decisions that lead to the achievement of business objectives.

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Protect your assets

Protect your investments and reach your goals with less uncertainty.​

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Lead with information

Lead your team to success based on timely and accurate information.

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Be a modern business

Be a data-driven business.

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Increase profits

Increase your profits and minimize your risks.

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Be a leader in your sector

Become a leading company in your sector knowing your best options.

Our Method

Decision Making Process

Decision to make - What is the question?

A clear statement of objectives allows you to optimize the resources used in the analysis.

Data sources

Identify data sources, quality, and availability.

Technological tools

Depending on the data and the complexity of the problem, the type of tool and methodology to be applied is established.

Decision model

Decision models allow a clearer evaluation of the different alternatives derived from the data analysis, thus facilitating decision-making.

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