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Professional support in Business Analytics and Decision Analysis

Our Purpose

Disseminating data-based
decision making

Despite technological advances in data storage and analysis, many decision makers have never heard of data analytics as a supporting discipline to improve decision making. The European Institute of Business Data Analytics and Decision Analysis aims to represent this discipline as a whole, to encourage best practices in decision analysis.

Our Services

We are experts in business analytics and we support companies to generate value from their data

Specialized courses

Learn how to identify and evaluate data-driven solutions that add value to the business and become a key professional for the success of the company.


We design customized analytical solutions for each company, accompanying our clients with edge technology and a team of experts who will work together with the managers and the company’s professionals

Custom projects

We develop tailor-made projects according to the needs and strategies of each company.

Transform your company into a data-driven business.

Our Contributions

We create value for companies by extracting valuable insights from data and facilitating strategic decisions in production, sales, logistics, finance and expansion processes. We use descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytical methods to answer business questions such as:

How is your company?

We analyze data to help understand the past and current state of your business.

What will happen to your company?

Based on the behaviour of your company and other external variables, we generate predictive models that help to project better strategies.

How to improve your company?

Through data analysis we help you select the best options for your business.

Business Analytics Trends

Digital transformation has put data at the center of every organization. Business Analytics can facilitate decision making.

The discipline of Business Analytics or Data Analytics is only expected to grow: The World Economic Forum predicts that analytics professionals will be in high demand across all industries from the year 2020, as organisations rely on data to increase efficiency and improve business outcomes.

We apply and encourage the use of Data Mining, Process Mining and Data Analytics, among other techniques, to analyse business information in a more efficient way.

Data Analytics is part of modern business management to streamline processes, be more efficient and therefore more competitive. Currently, data analysis is a fundamental step to make better decisions.

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