Prepare and analyze information to control the business.

The ability to use data effectively to drive fast, accurate, and profitable decisions is a critical competitive advantage for businesses. That is why business data analysis has become an essential part of modern organization management.

Specialized business training

Business Data Analytics

The Business Data Analytics program has been designed to develop the competencies of the business analyst, as a fundamental piece in supporting decision-making in organizations. This course will allow you to become the link between the strategic decisions of the managers and the operational decisions of the organization.

In this program, participants will learn the methods and techniques necessary to carry out successful business analyses. For this, the course focuses on two main areas:

  • Determine, prepare and present in a clear and coherent way the information that allows to control the business.
  • Explore and identify inconsistencies and deviations in the results in order to extract valuable business insights (data mining).

What aspects will we cover?

The content of the program has an eminently practical approach, using examples and exercises based on real business cases, which are developed through small work teams, with presentation of results and class discussions.

Course content

Here we will learn to identify the main business indicators and how to use them in our analyses.

In this module we will see the main types of graphs and, depending on the data, which are the most suitable to better represent the information.

Here we will carry out exploratory data analysis and evaluation of deviations in key indicators.

Through a mini project we will put into practice everything learned in this course, emphasizing the decision-making process and how analytics is integrated into this process.

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Our Method

Decision Making Process

Decision to make - What is the question?

A clear statement of objectives allows you to optimize the resources

Data sources

Identify data sources, quality, and availability.

Technological tools

Depending on the data and the complexity of the problem, the type of tool and methodology to be applied is established.

Decision model

Decision models allow a clearer evaluation of the different alternatives derived from the data analysis, thus facilitating decision-making.