Data reporting

Exploiting data to increase productivity

In modern management, it is very important to have a professional team prepared and capable of establishing a reporting system that allows agile and effective support for decision making.

Specialized business training

Business Data Reporting

The Business Data Reporting program has been designed for those professionals who habitually use spreadsheets to process and analyse their data, as a fundamental piece in supporting business decision-making.

For this, it is essential to put into practice a combination of methods and technologies that help to generate efficiently and effectively the reports that the management team really requires.

What aspects will we cover?

This 100% practical program aims to teach and put into practice methods and techniques for reporting information from the different areas of the company (Purchasing, Sales, HR, Finance, Marketing, etc.), by performing exercises and application in real cases.

Course content

In this module we will learn how to set the objective of the report, establish the structure and Identify the data sources.

In this section we will see how to import and transform data files from local or external sources.

This module will teach you how to detect and correct errors, clean data through filters, and other advanced techniques to clean the data.

Finally, we will see how to normalize data for treatment, create pivot tables and graphs, as well as the use of other advanced Excel functions to summarize the information.

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Our Method

Decision Making Process

Decision to make - What is the question?

A clear statement of objectives allows you to optimize the resources used in the analysis.

Data sources

Identify data sources, quality, and availability.

Technological tools

Depending on the data and the complexity of the problem, the type of tool and methodology to be applied is established.

Decision model

Decision models allow a clearer evaluation of the different alternatives derived from the data analysis, thus facilitating decision-making.