executive business analytics

How to interpret and create value from data

Understanding and knowing how to use the results derived from business analytics is a priority for all modern managers, as this empowers them with the information necessary to better project their strategies.

Specialized business training

Executive Business Analytics

The Executive Business Analytics course has been designed to respond to the current needs of Boards of Directors, Managers and those responsible for making strategic decisions based on data.

The program focuses on learning and using analytical methods and techniques to read, analyse, and interpret the results of business analytics reports, and how to use this information to better support their decisions.

What aspects will we cover?

This program focuses on two fundamental aspects:

  • Control the results obtained by the business and identify deviations from the objectives, anticipate and implement corrective measures.
  • Protect future investments, evaluating and quantifying the risks associated with both internal and external business variables.
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Course content

In this module we will learn what is business analytics and how it can be used to make better decisions.

Here we will learn how to interpret the results from analytical studies and how to combine these results to extract more insights.

In this section we will see what a risk-based decision model is and how we can use it to increase the Probability of Success (PS) of projects.

In this module, participants will be able to put into practice the knowledge learned in this course through a business project based on a real case.

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Our Method

Decision Making Process

Decision to make - What is the question?

A clear statement of objectives allows you to optimize the resources used in the analysis.

Data sources

Identify data sources, quality, and availability.

Technological tools

Depending on the data and the complexity of the problem, the type of tool and methodology to be applied is established.

Decision model

Decision models allow a clearer evaluation of the different alternatives derived from the data analysis, thus facilitating decision-making.