Data literacy

Analytics don't have to be difficult

More and more companies are realizing that the only way to overcome current challenges is through the digital transformation of their businesses. Data / Business Analytics has become an essential part of this transformation, and this is the discipline par excellence to support the best decisions in companies.

Specialized business training

Introduction to Business Analytics (The foundations of a successful analyst)

This course has been designed for any professional who uses spreadsheets to process and analyse their data on a day-to-day basis and who wants to improve their analytical skills to make better use of information and support management decisions quickly and efficiently.

The daily data of a company (sales volume, costs, margin, profitability, etc.) do not require advanced tools, which mostly involve the use of codes, or complicated calculations in order to carry out an effective analysis of the information. This training will teach you how, through the use of “simple” tools such as Excel and Power Query, it is possible to extract the insights necessary to promote the growth and development of the company.

What aspects will we cover?

The content of this training is 100% practical, based mainly on the resolution of case studies and exercises related to the different areas of the company (Purchasing, Sales, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, etc.).

Course content

In this introductory module we will learn how to develop an analytical process and what is its importance to better define the objectives.

In this section we will define the types of data and their structures, as well as the main types of tools that allow us to analyse and visualize this data.

In this module we will learn and apply data analysis techniques through the resolution of practical cases.

Finally, we will learn some techniques to effectively show the results of our analysis and thus achieve a better understanding of the information.

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Our Method

Decision Making Process

Decision to make - What is the question?

A clear statement of objectives allows you to optimize the resources used in the analysis.

Data sources

Identify data sources, quality, and availability.

Technological tools

Depending on the data and the complexity of the problem, the type of tool and methodology to be applied is established.

Decision model

Decision models allow a clearer evaluation of the different alternatives derived from the data analysis, thus facilitating decision-making.