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Peter F. Drucker.

"Every time you see a successful business, someone once made a brave decision"

About us

The European Institute of Business Data Analytics and Decision Analysis is a learned society which brings together professionals, students and other enthusiasts of the Data Analytics with the aim of improving knowledge, to develop assessment, analysis and promote best practices in the decision-making process.

The Association will promote collaboration, continuous learning and networking among its members and other professional associations or organizations so that, as a growing community, we can really serve the best interests of decision makers and therefore, society in general.


The members of the European Institute of Business Data Analytics and Decision Analysis have the mission of creating value for organizations, professionals in the field and society in general, through the development and application of modern management methods.

Contributing to:

  • Provide quality information and guidance through the use of cutting-edge technologies and advanced methodologies. 
  • Promote high professional standards and integrity in the work performed by the professionals of Data Analytics and Decision Analysis.
  • Advance in the profession for the benefit of humanity, giving support to professionals in this discipline and decision makers.
  • Train and support professionals in the skills necessary to improve management processes.

Our objectives:

  • Establish, maintain and develop high standards of professional expertise in Business Data Analytics and Decision Analysis. 
  • Define a body of knowledge that constitutes the core of the Business Analytics and Decision Analysis profession.
  • Work with other related organizations to develop new areas of application of this profession and respond to specific needs of the environment.
  • Design a certification process, according to international standards, to guarantee the levels of expertise of the members of the Association and of the professionals interested in general.
  • Promote continuous learning, collaboration and networking among its members and other related associations.
  • Share and disseminate best practices in all areas of application of Business Data Analytics and Decision Analysis.
  • Make printed adn digital publications to keep members and the general public updated on issues related to this association.
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We obtain the maximum value from the data when we convert it into relevant information that supports the strategic decision-making of the company.

Innovative Solutions

Business Analytics (BA) is a discipline that aims to generate new knowledge from the quantitative analysis of company data. This discipline is key to obtaining greater value from business data. Therefore, BA helps companies make better decisions about their products, processes, and strategic plans, by exploring data, including Big Data.

BA makes extensive use of quantitative methods, statistics, visualization, and predictive modelling techniques, providing highly accurate information about the current state of the business and its future trends. Our institute is at the forefront in the use of technological tools and with highly qualified professionals, which has allowed the results to be incorporated immediately to support important strategic decisions.

Why use Business Analytics?

The use of Business Analytics is crucial to know the current health of the business, identify the causes of deviations in the results, and above all to identify trends that allow taking the necessary forecasts in sufficient time and therefore taking fewer risks.

Business Analytics is key to making decisions that will allow us to acquire a competitive advantage in the market. This is accomplished by ordering and interpreting the data, always aligned with the company’s strategic objectives.

Decision-making based on Business Analytics represents the most effective form of management to improve business control, increase productivity and profits, and project more successful strategies for the future.

Data, a strategic asset for 21st century organizations.

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